The colder the Heart the deeper the pain


As our wish for a Universe of Separation was the original cause and anything we encounter within this Universe of Separation the effect, our biggest challenge on our Awakening path in order to truly come “Home” lies in stopping to categorize our world’s doings as either good or bad but instead realizing that in order to learn and make progress in this dualistic experience we have to accept the Light and the Dark as opposite yet inseparable two sides of a coin.

Only by experiencing the Dark we are able to identify the Light and vice versa. The whole purpose of this Universe of Separation is to remember the quintessential meaning of Love: to create endless expressions of the beings we are…Light energy.

The experience of Light and Dark draws its entire power from the physical density we carry and the fear of the illusory destruction of very same density. But on the Quantum plane, Quantum meaning “the smallest part of a particle”, all particles are completely undestructible, thus there is no way that any categorization into opposites gains momentum!

The entire Universe of Separation has this Quantum plane as its natural, unchangeable and basic foundation. Above this Quantum plane there is a nearly infinite number of density planes scattered throughout very same Universe, and it is here that the illusion of Light and Dark is given space to be experienced. Naturally, the higher we rise in density, the more we lose touch with our Awareness of our eternal energetic nature and accordingly grow increasingly fearful of our ephemerality, hence the intensity of the Separation into Light and Dark gains momentum.

The term “energetic density” is synonymous with “energetic duality”. So as long as we embody even the slightest bit of energetic density there is still unhealed duality within us that hasn’t been dealt with yet. We can only release this density by way of identifying the external “Dark” as a reflection of the unhealed part of duality within ourselves. As every single cold-hearted act by the external “Dark” is nothing else but a response to their former Calls for Love not having been reciprocated. The colder the act the deeper the pain.

The mere Willingness to be compassionate and forgiving is the key. Compassion and Forgiveness for the cold-hearted action taken by the external “Dark” on the one hand and Compassion and Forgiveness for oneself not having reciprocated the former Call for Love of the external “Dark” on the other, for ulitmately we are all One.

The corresponding feelings are the reward.