Heart Destiny’s call


Being on the “right” path never has anything to do with our thoughts’ complacency.

Following our Heart will always require us taking that leap of faith which our thoughts vehemently attempt to talk us out of. Yet as our Heart destiny’s call grows more vibrant and luminous, we realize that no fear in the world is worth giving up our deepest Soulfelt dreams and visions.
Our Heart destiny’s call won’t elicit us by means of enticing thoughts, instead it is exclusively about our Soul’s vibrational attraction which incorporates the entire gamut of emotions perfectly dovetailed with the growth we need from our Soul vantage point to flourish as our most radiant version of Self. Hence, this very vibrational attraction is far more intelligent, foresighted and telling than any thought analysis could ever conceive.

Our Heart destiny’s call won’t lure us with the promise of Happiness but it will have us take that walk down Soul search lane toward inner Peace. Understanding that we are neither our thoughts nor emotions, these are merely flowing through us while clinging to any will only reinforce our sense of false Self-identification.

No matter how scary eavesdropping our Heart destiny’s call might appear at first, the territory we will be guided to will always be more in alignment with our inner Peace and deepest dreams than any thought-made plan could ever calculate.

Following our Heart seems risky, but ultimately, doing so is the safest endeavor of all, for nothing is a greater thread to our Soul’s dreams than not following them in the first place.